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You probably have already heard about how carpets act like indoor water filters. But if you’re just like most people, you’re probably wondering how a simple carpet, used mainly for decoration, could become the world’s cheapest air filter.

Well, a simple carpet becomes an air filter through that thing called the trapping effect. The trapping effect simply means that the fibers in the carpet trap microbes, dust mites and other pollutants which could be circulating freely in the air indoors, if not for the carpet.

However, we need to tell you that as an indoor air filter, your carpet needs regular cleaning. Why? Because simple movements like walking over the carpet can cause the trapped pollutants to be released into the air again. And this is something you do NOT want to happen, unless if you have a death wish of dying from lung disease.

How often should you clean your carpets? According to the American Lung Association, you need to clean your carpet three times a week with regular cleaning, and at least once a year by professional carpet cleaners.

Carpet cleaners have all the high-powered tools and chemicals necessary for thoroughly cleaning your carpets. They have high-powered steamers for killing dust mites, dust and other particles that can become allergens. They also have powerful dryers for removing trapped moisture in the carpet to prevent molds.

There are many professional carpet cleaners out there and you can easily find them by going to Google or going to Be careful though. While most carpet cleaners are honest, there are those who like to scam people by making them pay for unnecessary work. Before hiring, make sure to read the reviews on a carpet cleaner. Check if most of them are good or bad.

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