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Top Reasons To Use Green Carpet Cleaning Products Do you want a safe, green and efficient way to clean your carpets? If so, consider using green carpet cleaning products and methods. This article will highlight the most compelling reasons to switch to environment-friendly carpet cleaners and offer some tips on which green carpet cleaners and […] Read more »

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You probably have already heard about how carpets act like indoor water filters. But if you’re just like most people, you’re probably wondering how a simple carpet, used mainly for decoration, could become the world’s cheapest air filter. Well, a simple carpet becomes an air filter through that thing called the trapping effect. The trapping […] Read more »

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Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning | Encapsulation Cleaning - Barrington, IL

When people tell you how much they dread cleaning their tile floor in the kitchen, what they’re really hating is cleaning the grout, the tiles are easy to clean. Cleaning the grout yourself involves getting down on your hands and knees, then scrubbing with some kind of strong cleaning solution and a stiff brush for […] Read more »